Sunday, December 19, 2010

weekender 2

i can't believe both of you came back to read the second installation of weekender! my gratitude knows no bounds.

not much to update, as things have been pretty ho-hum in the NBA lately oh wait that's a lie. the jazz got embarrassed - like george castanza "i was in the pool" embarrassed - by CP3 and the hornets on friday night. the silver lining there? hayward put up a few points and pulled down a few boards. which, by the way, makes me wonder why sloan DNP'd his ass last night in the good land.

the heat are finally looking like what people were afraid of, except they barely are eking out wins against the wizards playing without their ROTY candidate or the recently traded gilbert arenas.

speaking of arenas, i'm holding out on commentary regarding this orlando/DC/phx mashup until i have some time to process what it means for the west. probably nothing, since the suns are playing like los collegians right now.

sadly this post has reached its end; time to stuff christmas cards - don't be jealous.

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