Monday, April 4, 2011

our friend brian

today, along with the past several days, has seen quite a bit of twitter-based banter regarding the salt lake tribune sports writer brian t. smith. see, smith has been saying some things about the relationship problems between certain members of the jazz team and its staff. what's problematic for many of my fellow jazz-twatters is that his reporting and quotes from people like al jefferson or tyrone corbin haven't always been that parallel (at least to us not fortunate enough to have been blessed with the savvy and insight into the subtle meanings of facial expressions worn by pro athletes via our degree in journalism).

with my snot-nosed zing on this writer's ability to infer personality mismatches based on guys looking tired at the end of the season, i've decided to compile as much brian smith stuff as possible over the last few weeks. the twitter posts aren't linked to directly but are all available by scrolling through mr. smith's twitter account, which is linked above and again here or by entering his twitter user name (tribjazz).


march 27, twitter: Corbin on Jefferson['s technical foul and ejection]: "It's just unfortunate. That's out of his character. So we just want to make sure it's not an ongoing thing."

march 28, twitter: Jazz's Jefferson said he doesn't really remember what Corbin told him Sunday about ejection.

march 28, twitter: Jazz's Corbin said talk with Jefferson went well. Reinforced that Jefferson's actions before ejection aren't "who we are." ... Jazz's Corbin said he doesn't have a problem with Jefferson making light of their talk. Thinks it's just Jefferson's personality.

march 28, twitter: Biggest take from this mess: Jazz are not talking. Zero communication between players.

march 28, twitter: Jazz's Corbin is doing it. Millsap, Jefferson on bench with game on line. ... Jazz's Jefferson, Millsap on far end of Utah's bench in warmup clothes. ... Jazz's Jefferson with hands on hips standing at far end of huddle. Not involved in timeout discussion in any way. Millsap near him. ... Jazz's Corbin made no motion toward Jefferson, Millsap during pre-overtime break. Open seat b/w Sap, AJ and Watson. ... Get the feeling Jefferson's ejection, joking about private talk with Corbin hasn't helped his cause. ... Three open seats between Jazz's Jefferson and team. ... Jazz's Jefferson staring straight ahead. Corbin hasn't looked at him since Utah run started.

march 28, twitter: Jazz's Jefferson walked out without talking to media. ... Jazz PR person caught up with Jefferson, asked him to talk. Jefferson paused for a second, turned, walked away. ... Jazz's Jefferson has given three no comments and been ejected during last four games.

march 29, twitter: Relistening to Wizards-Jazz postgame tape. Second Jefferson-related question to Corbin was about inserting starters Millsap, Watson ... during overtime while keeping Jefferson on bench. Corbin gives reason for Watson (Price's foot), Millsap (Evans winded). ... Never addresses Jefferson, though. Also avoided Jefferson part of question that started postgame press conference.

march 29, twitter: Jazz's Corbin has made two major moves since taking over for Sloan. 1.) Moving Bell out of the starting lineup and inserting miles. ... 2.) Going young against Wizards, then keeping Jefferson on bench while reinserting Watson, Millsap. Both moves have either resulted in ... player involved either raising issue with media or not commenting after decision.

march 30, twitter: Jazz's Jefferson said he has no problem with Corbin. Communication's fine.

march 30, twitter: Jazz's Jefferson said he wasn't upset about not playing vs. Wizards when he walked out of arena without comment.

march 30, twitter: Asked if Jazz still hope to make playoffs, Jefferson wouldn't answer question.

april 3, twitter: Very interesting quote from Jazz's Corbin: "I don't want you to be happy when I take you out of the game or give you the minutes you want."

april 4, twitter: Jazz's Corbin, Jefferson had a brief talk before practice. Embraced and hugged after chat. Spoke on the side while team put up shots.

april 4, twitter: Hilarious conversation with Jazz's Jefferson, who was sincerely interested in why a beat writer would attend Utah's practice for ... a very brief, 15-minute media session. Jefferson knew writer had to wake up at 4 a.m. to make 6 a.m. flight from Sacramento to L.A. ... just so they could ask follow-up questions. He couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that, and why they'd do it just to ... ask more questions. Talk about the rigors of the biz followed. Jefferson laughed, smiled, joked. Said he got it. Still thought it was ... odd, though. Then he returned to his prepractice routine. Basketball bounces. Questions follow.

april 4, twitter: Best part of Jefferson's inquisitive chat. Walks up, puts hand on shoulder, says "Man, I got to ask you something." Seemed sincerely ... interested in why beat writers would live such a charming, glorious, sleepless life. Also found it funny.


that's a lot of information to digest. i'm working on finding quotes from corbin and jefferson right now, will insert those into my little "news feed" above later.