Sunday, March 27, 2011

weekender 6

this hasn't quite been the keep-me-focused feature i'd hoped it to be back in november. but, as dave chappelle might have said 8 years ago when people still cared about him, "fuck it."

three quick things to wrap up the week.

first, i was bragging on facebook/twitter recently that HoD had acquired its first follower. guess who literally DOUBLED their subscribing readership in under 48 hours this week? JAMES PETERSON DID.

second, at this point, for the jazz to make the playoffs, miracles are required. it's like, now i watch games just in case dirk and the jet start making out at halfcourt and get so into it that they're both ejected from the stadium. and then the cheerleaders all make out in protest because they have serious opinions about gay rights, but nobody throws them out because we live in a world of double standards that generally benefit people like me (male, white, straight, no priors) and "any way you want it" starts playing while sideshow mel hands out drinks.

see? while that happening every night for the balance of the season is technically possible, it's still probably in the miracle neighborhood. (i just noticed that i didn't even include the jazz winning in that scenario; just two dudes getting ejected for necking and a party with girl-on-girl makeouts. in some ways, i question how i survive as an adult.)

third, normally i clean up my posts from here when i cross-post them to the UJ360 message boards. but i've noticed that the only cuss word that's seen any regular usage lately has been the F-bomb. i really need to expand my goddamn offensive vocabulary and shit. perhaps reading more tweets, written in anger, from LostTacoVendor will do the trick.


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  1. and you're welcome.

    i do not give a crap about the jazz, or really any sports team for that matter. but you are a good writer and you make me laugh.