Friday, March 4, 2011

fair, weathered fans

haha. oh fair weather fans. unbelievable. RT@My_Lo Yes Jazz fans this team is a disgrace.

just a short thought on the above sentiment from last night's twitter feed - i'm not going to write anything longer than a few paragraphs because i am still fuming about last night's game and the terrible, terrible officiating.

let's be honest here. the jazz have under a 50-50 shot at making the playoffs at this point, and even if they do, is this team capable of beating san antonio in seven games? in one game? allow me to slap you in the face with the same dead fish that caught my grill last night. the jazz aren't a good team right now. at their reality-best, this is a .500 team for the remainder of the season. frankly, i will be happy with .500 to close out.

before you get all "oh, there's potential!" on me, let me clue you in on the problem: the potential has been there for five years. the heart is there sometimes from some players. the start-to-finish execution, the killer instinct, is glaringly absent.

saying these things doesn't make me a fair-weather fan. look the term up in your merriam-webster and you'll see this:

1: loyal only during a time of success [a fair-weather friend]

i hate to break it to you, delusional jazz fans, but those of us who think the team is running out of W's haven't abandoned our loyalty. and it's incredibly pompous and narcissistic to consider yourselves "better" fans because you have no grasp on reality. i was throwing things in my apartment last night. i cried during sloan's press conference. hell, i own a kirilenko jersey. i love everything about this team to the point of alienating the people around me.

but i'm also tired of losing. i suppose that makes the players and management fair-weather also, because you can bet your condescending ass that they're tired of losing, too, and are wondering what they're doing wrong. maybe calling the team a "disgrace" is a little extreme, but My_Lo wasn't the only person tweeting things out of unbridled anger last night:

JazzInJersey: "penetration, getting it into your big man" fuck you TNT. i'm finally willing to call [a] win for the refs. fuck the fucking NBA.

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