Tuesday, March 29, 2011

maybe a bright spot

last night, i wanted to throw feces at the television. i wanted to jump up and down, shove my desk out the window, break mirrors. to quote from a movie that most people inexplicably still think is about MMA, “i wanted to breathe smoke.”

but there was one nice glimpse into the future of the team; a handful of rookies playing solid basketball for an entire quarter.

normally, this wouldn’t seem that impressive. but i think it’s fair to say that the last 10 weeks have put jazz fans in a position to appreciate the little things more. but it’s also possible that i am grasping to the only not terrible element from last night’s disaster and lying to myself that next season shows some promise.

i typically avoid asking directly for feedback from readers, but right now it’s hard not to question whether i’m thinking rationally about this. should hopes be raised for the future of the team based on hayward/favors/evans performance last night, or was it three kids playing mediocre basketball against a truly atrocious DC squad?

thoughts? questions? concerns?

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  1. i still think hornacek said it best last night: the team was playing NOT to lose, instead of playing to win.

    hayward/favors/evans might possibly be the future of the jazz. but ask yourself this: do you think these "three kids" will continue to play with heart when the starters are so ambivalent about the future of their team?

    i think your unwavering fan-ship is inspiring, and the jazz are lucky to have your support.