Thursday, February 10, 2011

say it ain't so

posting this quickly before the press conference, then more later.

i'll admit i was, as recently as 20 minutes ago, calling for deron's head on a platter. but i think maybe that's rushing things. who knows what really happened with jerry sloan's decision to resign (and take phil johnson with him)? i don't think any of us ever will; the only person who will really know why sloan is leaving is sloan.

deron might have played a role in this, but so did other players over the years. so did the fans. so did the management (most likely). so did jerry's age, the prospective lockout, and innumerable other options.

for now, i'm trying to hang on to the feeling that came with any jazz game that was close in the 4th: that we had the coach to make it happen. maybe we'll get there again (i for one am 100% in favor of tyrone taking the reins). maybe we won't.

in any event, for now i'm back-pedaling a little on the "blame deron" wagon. the last thing we as fans need is to piss him off enough that he decides today not to re-sign next summer. otherwise, we can plan on becoming good friends with the cavaliers for a few years at least.

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