Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lakers schedule

what with all the "lakers get preferred treatment" shit we jazz fans love to talk, i figured i'd take a look at their schedule the same way i broke down ours yesterday:

NORTHWEST (18 games total)

Oklahoma City Thunder: 1 @ OKC (2/23) 2 @ LAL (3/29, 4/22)

Denver Nuggets: 2 @ DEN (1/1, 2/3) 2 @ LAL (12/31, 4/13)

Portland Trailblazers: 2 @ POR (1/5, 3/23) 1 @ LAL (2/20)

Utah Jazz: 2 @ UTAH (1/11, 2/4) 2 @ LAL (12/27, 3/18)

Minnesota Timberwolves: 2 @ MIN (1/29, 3/9) 2 @ LAL (2/29, 3/16)

Total Northwest: 9 Games played away 9 Games played at home

  • The Lakers play the exact schedule against OKC as the Jazz, 1 game away and 2 at home.
  • The Jazz play DEN twice in Colorado and once in SLC; LAL plays DEN twice in each city.
  • The Jazz play POR twice each home and away; LAL plays POR twice in Oregon and once in L.A.
  • LAL plays MIN twice at home and twice away; UTA plays them once in Minnesota and once at the ESA.

PACIFIC (14 games total)

Phoenix Suns: 2 @ PHX (2/19, 4/7) 2 @ LAL (1/10, 2/17)

Golden State Warriors: 2 @ GSW (3/27, 4/18) 2 @ LAL (1/6, 4/1)

L.A. Clippers: 2 @ LAC (1/14, 4/4) 1 @ LAL (1/25)

Sacramento Kings: 2 @ SAC (12/26, 4/26) 1 @ LAL (3/2)

Total Pacific: 8 Games played away 6 Games played at home

  • UTA plays PHX once in Phoenix and twice in Utah; LAL gets them twice at home and away.
  • Both UTA and LAL play GSW two-and-two.
  • UTA plays LAC once in in L.A. and twice in SLC; LAL plays them twice "away" and once "at home" but it's the same arena so what difference does it make?
  • The Jazz play SAC twice home and twice away; LAL gets the Kings twice in Sac-town and once with Jack Nicholson.

SOUTHWEST (16 games total)

San Antonio Spurs: 2 @ SAS (4/11, 4/20) 1 @ LAL (4/17)

Dallas Mavericks: 2 @ DAL (2/22, 3/21) 2 @ LAL (1/16, 4/15)

New Orleans Hornets: 2 @ NOH (3/14, 4/9) 1 @ LAL (3/31)

Memphis Grizzlies: 2 @ MEM (3/13, 3/25) 1 @ LAL (1/8)

Houston Rockets: 1 @ HOU (3/20) 2 @ LAL (1/3, 4/6)

Total Southwest: 9 Games played away 7 Games played at home

  • UTA and SAS each play two games in the other's city., while SAS plays LA twice in Texas and once in SoCal.
  • Two-and-two for the UTA/DAL and LAL/DAL matchups.
  • The Jazz play twice in New Orleans and once in SLC, just like how the Lakers play NOH twice in LA the state and once in L.A. the city.
  • UTA/MEM matchup is two in Memphis and one in Salt Lake; LAL/MEM is the same story, with the Lakeshow playing the Grizzlies three times, only once at home.
  • UTA plays HOU twice in Texas and once in Utah; LAL plays HOU once in Texas and twice in California.


26 Games played away, 22 Games played at home

ATLANTIC (7 games total)

Boston Celtics: 1 @ BOS (2/9) 1 @ LAL (3/11)

New York Knicks: 1 @ NYK (2/10) 1 @ LAL (12/29)

Philadelphia 76ers: 1 @ PHI (2/6) 0 @ LAL

New Jersey Nets: 0 @ NJN 1 @ LAL (4/3)

Toronto Raptors: 1 @ TOR (2/12) 0 @ LAL

Total Atlantic: 4 Games played away 3 Games played at home

  • LAL gets Beantown twice, one game on each end of the country. The Jazz play them once in Boston.
  • LAL also gets the Knicks twice, while the Jazz only play them once away.
  • UTA plays the 76ers twice, one-and-one. The Lakers only get them once in Philly.
  • The Jazz also get two shots at D-Will and the Nets, while LAL only see them once in L.A.
  • UTA plays TOR once in Utah; LAL plays TOR once in Canada.

CENTRAL (5 games total)

Chicago Bulls: 0 @ CHI 1 @ LAL (12/25)

Indiana Pacers: 0 @ IND 1 @ LAL (1/22)

Milwaukee Bucks: 1 @MIL (1/28) 0 @ LAL

Detroit Pistons: 1 @ DET (3/6) 0 @ LAL

Cleveland Cavaliers: 0 @ CLE 1 @ LAL (1/13)

Total Central: 2 Games played away 3 Games played at home

  • UTA plays CHI once in Chicago; LAL plays them once at home.
  • UTA plays IND once in Indiana; LAL plays them once at home.
  • UTA plays MIL once at home; LAL plays them once in Milwaukee.
  • UTA plays DET once in Utah; LAL plays DET once in Detroit.
  • UTA plays CLE twice; LAL plays them once at home.

SOUTHEAST (6 games total)

Miami Heat: 1 @ MIA (1/19) 1 @ LAL (3/4)

Orlando Magic: 1 @ ORL (1/20) 0 @ LAL

Atlanta Hawks: 0 @ATL 1 @ LAL (2/14)

Charlotte Bobcats: 0 @ CHA 1 @ LAL (1/31)

Washington Wizards: 1 @ WAS (3/7) 0 @ LAL

Total Southeast: 3 Games played away 3 Games played at home

  • UTA plays MIA once in SLC; LAL plays them twice.
  • UTA plays ORL once in SLC; LAL plays them once in Florida.
  • UTA plays ATL once in Georgia; LAL plays them once in Califas.
  • UTA plays CHA once in Charlotte; LAL plays them once in L.A.
  • UTA plays WAS once in Utah; LAL plays them once in D.C.


9 Games played away, 9 Games played at home

So what's the takeaway here? The Western Conference matchups are almost identical, while the Jazz have a notably easier time against the East. I'm sure those whose lives revolve around abhorring the Lakers can point to the back-to-backs or home/away game balance late in the season. But putting the Jazz against the Lakers this way--actual matchups--doesn't show the much-speculated special golden toilet the NBA supposedly reserves for LAL to shart all over the rest of the league.


  1. This has some pretty good detail. Couple things though. If you think SLC is the armpit, you need to come with me next time to Rock Springs, WY. Secondly why did you abbreviate Utah with UTA? You shortened a 4 letter word to a 3 letter word... As much shit as I have given you for the Jazz I do have a couple shirts, it is just the whole lockout pissed me off. I am currently watching a show on discovery about moonshine makers somewhere (I think West Virgina) and I think you and I can make one!

  2. steve, the "armpit" thing refers to when i was living in new jersey and started the blog. "UTA" is the standard three-letter abbreviation for the jazz used by TV networks. and i've had moonshine before; it's tricky to keep down. but that doesn't mean i'm not ready to make some.

  3. I didn't realize you had started this before. I will give you the UTA thing I suppose. Moonshine actually mixes well with red bull... I am going to find some copper pipe over Christmas! Get better maybe we can grab a beer tomorrow when I get back