Sunday, January 23, 2011

weekender 5

i haven't forgotten about this segment. this post proves it!

just a quick thought that wasn't really related to my longer post earlier today: i've already mentioned that the ESA seems to be a pretty tame arena this season. after going to three games over the holidays in salt lake, there certainly wasn't any deafening noise or rabid fans backing the jazz at home. when i went to the jazz-nets game in new jersey on wednesday, i was moderately re-assured; that stadium was pretty much silent other than during one or two big plays, and the SLC basketball-goers seemed rowdy in comparison.

but after watching the celtics crush the jazz at TG garden and listening to the crowd respond? utah fans, you can stop taking pride in yourselves right now.

boston has a fanbase that deserves to have 17 NBA titles (and probably another on the way as i type). the stadium was shout-to-hear-the-person-sitting-next-to-you loud for the entire game. every big dunk or 3 elicited a roar similar to redline-revving a thousand uncorked american v8s at once. every steal brought the fans to their feet. "let's go celtics" chants erupted spontaneously - as in without prompting from the jumbotron and PA - during every other C's possession. in short, the crowd did as much to take the visiting jazz out of the game as any of the boston players did.

jazz fans like to think we have a great home crowd, but i've never heard anything like the people on this random boston night when i've been at a regular season game in utah. we can consider ourselves utterly one-upped.

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