Monday, January 16, 2012

what's your name?

today's post brought to you, surprisingly, by NUFAN again, with the first cut off 1997's "making friends."  first five seconds of the song NSFW.

been a crazy month, and i don't have a ton of time right meow to do a big update but i wanted to do two quick things.

first, i know it's still early in the season for all the teams, and the jazz have had a bunch of home games, and we haven't had any serious injuries, and there are a million little qualifiers here...but the utah jazz are kicking ass and taking names.  they are doing exactly what they need to do without a go-to finisher or whatever you call the wades and dirks of the league:  playing team ball.  saturday's nets game was a blast (even from row 19 in the upper bowl-next time, opera glasses) and last night's W over denver at The Can (thanks for the insight on that one, cuz) was a thriller.  paul millsap played at Miracle in Miami level and may have earned a new nickname, The Captain, via a silly but on-point string of tweets immediately following the game from some of the intarw3b's big jazz players.

second, and this was the original point of this whole update before i got ellipses and link happy, was to give a quick list of the twitter accounts for the jazz players.  not all of them have one, and not all of those that do update with any regularity.  but the utah media guys all have twitter accounts and they pay attention to what people are saying through the social media website.  so, with that in mind, if you're not already following all the jazz players (and some of the org's personnel) below, get on board.

alec burks:  @AlecBurks10
derrick favors:  @dfavors14
devin harris:  DevinHarris5
gordon hayward:  @gordonhayward
josh howard:  realjoshhoward
enes kanter:  @EnesKanter
c.j. miles:  @CJMiles34
jamaal tinsley:  @jatinsley
earl watson:  @Earl_Watson

a few of the remaining players have "accounts" but aren't verified and don't have many tweets, so i haven't included them here as their authenticity is suspect.  the non-players who are connected with the team include:

greg miller (CEO):  @GregInUtah
david locke (radio play-by-play):  @Lockedonsports
craig bolerjack (TV play-by-play):  @BuckleUpBoler
matt harpring (american visionary/TV color commentary):  @mharpring15
gordon hayward (pre/post-game host):  @AlemaHarrington
thurl bailey (jazz legend, jazz analyst):  @bigTbailey 
jody genessy (deseret news jazz beat writer):  @DJJazzyJody
brian t. smith (salt lake tribune jazz beat writer/jumper to irrational conclusions):  @tribjazz
diana allen ("unofficial" jazz twitter rep):  @dianaallen
clint peterson ("unofficial" jazz twitter rep):  @Clintonite33
david smith ("unofficial" jazz twitter rep):  @davidjsmith1232
official jazz twitter account:  @utahjazz

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